2019 Fringe at Hotel Richmond

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2019 Fringe at Hotel Richmond

Hotel Richmond is the Rundle Mall 2019 Fringe hub! Check out the list of shows below with direct link for ticket booking.

We have a special offer for all Fringe goers for the duration of Fringe…

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Comedy / Sketch Comedy

Being a man in 2018 is HARD! Fifty years ago every man had a car, a house, a wife – a future. Today, the only things a man can have guaranteed are craft beers, pulled pork, a useless bachelor’s degree and an increasingly desperate sense of failure.

Through the prism of sketch comedy, messrs Dom Cusack and Samuel Schuler will delicately explore the inner machinations and crushing loneliness that lives inside the skulls of all modern men, leaving you with questions to their answers such as “why (did this show get made?)”, “how (did these guys get so informed)” and “who (really controls the media?)”.

You will leave the show with a more open and receptive mind, woke to the disease that is MANXIETY.

Mike & Dave do Cash & Dylan

Music / Folk

A tribute show to Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash!

Over three nights David Lane and Michael O’Flaherty will perform a wide range of songs from the two folk and country giants. With a catalogue of well over 100 studio albums and countless bootleg recordings, the Adelaide duo have a lot to cover.

From their classics (such as ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and ‘The times they are a changing’), to their less-known B-side gems, to their utterly bizarre Christmas albums, everything is on the table.

It’s as if the two movies ‘I Walk the Line’ and ‘I’m Not There’ had a love child, but with far more attractive lead actors than Joaquin Phoenix or Heath Ledger.

Clare Morgan and Richo


Far North Queensland’s rising comedy stars Clare Morgan and Richo return to Adelaide Fringe to debut their highly anticipated split show! Two comedians, two shows and twice the fun! An uproariously funny action-packed hour of stand-up comedy covering everything from how to use your children as a human shield to learning to read braille with the most unconventional body parts and why ‘manager at full time mummy’ isn’t a real job.

You will laugh, you will feel like a bad person for laughing and then you will laugh some more.

“Dick jokes aren’t funny” The Advertiser.

“They’re hilarious!” Clare and Richo.


Film & Digital / Film

In 2011, a teaser trailer for THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO featured Karen O’s cover of Led Zeppelin’s iconic ‘Immigrant Song’, with half-second clips of the movie spliced over the top at supersonic speed. Inspired by this, Mark Metaphor made a similar tribute for FIGHT CLUB’s 15th anniversary. This is that same concept applied to Fincher’s full filmography: ALI3N. SE7EN. THE GAME. FIGHT CLUB. PANIC ROOM. ZODIAC. BENJAMIN BUTTON. SOCIAL NETWORK. DRAGON TATTOO. GONE GIRL. MINDHUNTER.

One fan’s supercut remix tribute to David Fincher movies, set to the most rhythmic hits of Rock, Roll & Pop history. Strap yourself in for a hyperkinetic hour of cinema; a life in cinema seen through a thousand cuts. Keep your eyes peeled & don’t you dare blink!

MIDNIGHT SCREENING (…on the dot!).


Shad Wicka: Not Great (But Not Sh*t)

Comedy / Stand Up

“Shad Wicka has a certain air about him” Adelaide Now

Stepping out for his first solo show ‘Not Great (But Not Sh*t)’ is setting the bar just right for Shad Wicka. Wicka applies his own brand of cynicism to the spice rack, as he regales us with tales about his Muslim father and how he met his spirit animal. A great blend of story-telling and stand-up comedy. Sold out shows at Sydney Fringe and across Far North Queensland – Don’t miss it! So sit around children (adults) as he wraps you in the warm blanket of a story…

Wendy And The Lost Boys


Feminist, atheist, and former cult member Wendy Torbet shares the trials and tribulations of being a mother, wife and daughter. Guitar in one hand and baby in the other, she’ll jump from the poverty line to smash through the glass ceiling of stand-up comedy. Join her at The Hotel Richmond with special guest ‘Not-All-Men Man’, and other lost boys.

Danielle Andrews Limb Windmill

Comedy / Stand Up

Limb Windmill is a show about hidden and useless talents. Join Danielle, your accomplished but mathematically challenged host and celebrate all things niche. From stand up to live art to ballooning to singing we’ve got it all! Even the most accurate impression of a bird you’ll ever hear.

Danielle Andrews has been a performer all her life. She’s tried it all, dance, cabaret, burlesque, writing, acting, directing, children’s entertaining. She is what we in the industry would call a “multitalented performer”, once described as “fearless onstage”. What she does not possess however are useful skills. Her idea of sending a professional email is to not swear until the sign off. She is stoked to be bringing her 2nd solo show to Adelaide.

Enigmatic Papa Burf

Magic /Comedy

Who is Papa Burf? That’s for you to find out! Be amazed by mysteries of the mind, astonishment, surprise, adult humour and Dad jokes! Presented in a laid back yet sophisticated style. This may sound like a kid’s show, but is far from it! Take a chance to be part of this world premiere magical experience and prepare to expect the unexpected.

I Got Bit By A Monkey Once…

Comedy / Stand Up

After sell out shows, the storytelling sensation comes to Adelaide for the first time. 5 true stories: A Monkey, a Bus Trip, a Fire, an Arrest and a Mugging. A storytelling/stand up show; think of it like ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ if nobody learned anything significant and all the ‘eat’ part happened in a McDonald’s.

A story telling show to be taken aurally.

“The commentary was so easily strung together with good humour” Squirrel Comedy

“We left laughing, and also wiser about our place in the world” The Plus Ones

“A great example of a comedian managing to make light of particularly troublesome issues, while still carrying the depth of them as to make the viewer aware” Pop Culture-y

A Sunday Story

Comedy / Spoken Word

Growing up completely off-the-grid, moving to the city just to face the fun of the housing crisis, our immigration story and plastic pollution — four seemingly disconnected topics which Elisa will weave together into one hilarious, moving and completely coherent show (coherence not guaranteed).

Following the success of her debut show ‘Welcome to the Family’ (now being adapted into a web series) Elisa returns to Adelaide for another Fringe! Beloved characters from her debut show will make an appearance so don’t think you’ve missed your opportunity to have Nonna cook for you just yet!

“True stories told by a charming raconteur who is warm and engaging, not to mention charming and funny. Quite a package.” Sydney Arts Guide.

Claw Machine

Comedy / Stand Up

Welcome to Claw Machine – a hilarious guide to always win at life with little to no cost.

A guide = yeah no idea.
Always win = you’re going to fail a lot.
Little to no cost = SO MUCH COST.

Chris Martin blunders into so many awkward situations that by the end of the show you’d be forgiven for wondering if he is actually a dog wearing human clothes — he is not!

Chris’ combination of surreal and storytelling comedy has made him one of Australia’s most promising up-and-coming comedians. Claw Machine SOLD OUT at the 2018 Bris Funny Fest to audience acclaim.

“Hilarious” Scenestr.
“Roars of Laughter” Brisbane Stage. Please note subvenue is different to the printed guide – This event is now in the Basement Bar, Hotel Richmond.

*The venue for this show has been changed since the launch of the guide causing the web venue to be different to the guide


Music / Performance

Performing the songs of female artists from the last century, award winning vocalist Sarah Brownridge, in her show ‘Inspired’, will transform some of the most popular melodies and bring them to life with her fresh, vibrant, and yet sensitive act.\

Presented by:
Sarah Brownridge

At the age of 7 Sarah Brownridge had her first singing lesson and hasn’t been able to stop singing since. In 2016, she performed in the Adelaide Cabaret Festival as a part of the Class of Cabaret. Her comedic, witty, and creative performance was such a success, it sparked a passion for cabaret and she has since then pursued the art. In 2017, at age 17, she won the ‘Ron Denning Most Outstanding Vocalist Award’ and has since performed on numerous occasions on ABC 891, being interviewed by Peter Goers and Eddie Bannon. She featured on the single ‘Mr Pilot’ by Station Road in early 2018. She is now studying Jazz Performance: Voice, at the Elder Conservatorium.